In 1981, Bostley’s opened its first child care center on Broad Street in Montoursville. Two more centers were opened in the 1990s: The Lycoming Creek Center and the Muncy-Hughesville Center. In 2008, the Williamsport Center opened on the Williamsport Campus of Susquehanna Health.

Our four centers are conveniently located in semi-residential or residential areas. All centers have outdoor play yards that are small town/country in atmosphere. We keep our centers small (65 to 100 children) for both safety considerations and so that children and parents have the ability to get to know the child care staff and each other on a personal basis.


Our facilities were founded to provide a positive, safe, and happy place for children of working parents. We design our activities to be fun, highly interesting, and creative. The educational readiness component of our programs helps children leave Bostley’s and enter kindergarten or first grade at the top half of their classes academically.

The Staff

The staff we employ meet or exceed the requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Welfare. All have completed the required background checks. In addition to these formal requirements, we select our staff based on their creativity, enthusiasm, and desire to work with children.

Staff Training

We conduct monthly training sessions for all staff. Subjects include: Safety and Supervision; Fun in Child Care; Curriculum and Daily Plans; Health Issues; Scheduling; Meals, Naptime, Transition Times; Playground Do’s and Don’ts; Classroom Environment; Field Trip Procedures; Discipline Do’s and Don’ts; Fire Evacuation Procedures; Accidents and Injuries; Communication; Cleanliness; Congeniality; and Cooperation.

All staff also have First Aid and CPR training.

Staff Quality

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Our staff are the single most important aspect of our centers. We are extremely proud of all that our staff accomplish on a daily basis, and we reward their efforts with monthly Outstanding Service Awards.

The staff at every one of our centers go above and beyond to make sure your child is in a safe, inviting environment. They know when they have fun, the children will have fun too. We know that listening to children and taking a genuine interest in their needs helps them feel safe and cared for. Our staff go out of their way to make every child feel special, and approach each day with a helpful and gentle attitude.

For more information about our centers, staff, programs and services, please contact us today.